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A Decade of Innovation: Tupl Celebrates 10 Years of Empowering Businesses with AI

A Decade of Innovation: Tupl Celebrates 10 Years of Empowering Businesses with AI
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Bellevue, USA; Malaga, Spain; Tokyo, Japan

This year, Tupl proudly celebrates its 10th anniversary. Over the past decade, Tupl has not only achieved remarkable milestones in technology and Artificial Intelligence but also significantly contributed to industry innovation and the empowerment of businesses through its solutions.

The Origins

Founded in 2014 by Pablo Tapia, Héctor Montes, Rafael Sánchez, Juan José Escobar, Rafael Guerrero, and Ricardo Ferrer, Tupl embarked on a mission to design a revolutionary backend system for network operators that helped solve their daily operational pain pointsfrom scratch. This system, envisioned as an intelligent automation platform, aimed to leverage AI to streamline network management and optimize processes. Over the years, Tupl has evolved into a premier provider of AI-powered solutions, enabling businesses to automate diverse operations, spanning from telecommunications to manufacturing or agriculture, leveraging its advanced TuplOS MLOps platform. Tupl's value proposition lies in empowering businesses of all sizes and sectors to leverage AI for intelligent automation, increasing efficiency and productivity while reducing OPEX. 

Cool Milestones and Kudos

A testament to Tupl's technological accomplishment is its revolutionary AI-powered platform. The platform's advanced features and user-friendly design have garnered admiration even from industry giants. Five years ago, a prominent Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) expressed astonishment, asking, “How is it possible that you've built something more advanced and complete with around 20 people when we have over 200?” This anecdote exemplifies Tupl's ability to innovate and deliver superior results with a lean and agile team.

Tupl's commitment to innovation is demonstrated with the continuous improvement of its TuplOS platform functionality, such as a newly introduced processing engine, Tupl Streams; a new Machine Learning Toolkit (MLTK) – and more recently work on its GenAI layer – further solidifying its position as a technological leader in the AI space.

Tupl’s innovation and commitment has been recognized with several nominations and awards:

Teaming Up

Over the past decade, Tupl has cultivated a network of valued customers and partners, fostering successful collaborations that have driven innovation and growth. These partnerships have been instrumental in Tupl's journey:

Beyond the US and Europe, we have established valuable partnerships in Japan with: NTT Docomo, NTT Paravita, KDDI, NEC, NTT West, SoftBank, and Ericsson Japan.


Tupl has developed a suite of powerful AI-powered solutions based on our TuplOS MLOps platform. From automating network operations for telecom giants to streamlining processes in agriculture, industry, health, and utilities, Tupl empowers businesses across diverse sectors to unlock greater efficiency and productivity through automation. 

In 2024, we have already announced important technological advancements such as LLM integration in our solutions, or multichannel deployment of our AI Care solutions Suite (contact centers, retail, wholesale). We have also released the first API-based integration with Qvantel’s Flex BSS Suite. 

Never stop innovating

Looking ahead, Tupl remains steadfast in its commitment to expanding and innovating across all available markets, driving the future of AI. 

According to Pablo Tapia: "The appearance of Generative AI is helping boost our product and accelerate our goal to have a platform that can truly be used by domain experts without a strong technology background. We are now in the last part of the execution of our initial vision, with the bulk of the work complete on the TuplOS platform, and we are expanding into new verticals. In the next few years, we will consolidate existing verticals, and scale our business in multiple ways: first, creating additional use cases within each vertical; then, expanding our business via partners and finally, adding more and more verticals as the platform continues developing additional capabilities."

A word from our leadership

10 years. So many memories. There is one day-to-day theme that carries over from the first days to today: Never a boring day! While we have grown to a real mid-sized tech company over the years, the speed of our innovation and agility to adjust to changing environment ensures the avoidance of “boring” also for the next 10 years. Tupl has touched many people’s lives, “once a Tupler, always a Tupler” and forged great relationships with our customer partners. I have witnessed great professional growth not only for Tuplers, but also for our customers – on countless occasions, the customer personnel engaging with us on true digital transformation have seen the highest of recognitions inside their organization. This is a true testimony of us continuing to do the right things. Godspeed, everyone!” – Petri Hautakangas, CEO

“These last ten years have gone by real fast, but looking back to our beginnings, it definitely looks like we have made tremendous advancements on our project. Back in 2014, we had a big challenge ahead of us: to create a simple platform to facilitate the creation of automation solutions. We have gone through many ups and downs, but we still continue executing this vision, and I am proud to see what we have achieved both from technical as well as from a business point of view. We are now in a sweet spot where we have a good financial stability, but still, we are nimble, fast, and hungry to continue making great products at lightspeed. It has not been easy… but again, where’s the fun in easy things?” – Pablo Tapia, CTO and Co-Founder 

Explore the future of AI with Tupl! Join us in celebrating a decade of innovation! Visit the website at to learn more about Tupl's journey and how AI is empowering businesses.

About Tupl

Founded in 2014 by telecom, big data, and AI experts, Tupl is pioneering the digital transformation of the telecom industry by automating network operations with AI.  The company's AI engine, TuplOS, leverages machine learning and other technologies to accelerate the innovation cycle of network and customer care operations for wireless carriers in the United States, Japan, and Europe. Beyond the telecommunications sphere, Tupl has developed solutions for other key sectors such as smart agriculture or Industry 4.0. Tupl’s ultimate goal is to bring artificial intelligence to any sector, enabling any user to implement AI applications easily. 

Headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, USA, Tupl has its R&D Center in Málaga Tech Park, and offices in Spain and Japan. Tupl is rapidly expanding its global presence. For more information on Tupl, please visit



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