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Tupl Announces Participation in MWC Barcelona with Exciting Product Innovations around Gen AI.
Tupl Inc. Honored with the Hacemos Malaga 2023 Business Award
Petteri Hakalin joins the Tupl Telco team as Technical Account Director.

Accelerate your digital transformation journey with AI

Tupl provides a Low-code MLOps framework to develop hyperautomation applications with a fast time to market

TuplOS™ platform provides full end-to-end MLOps approach

TuplOS™ platform provides a full end-to-end MLOps approach

Our approach to an automation journey is to start small, add value and iterate fast

Our approach to an automation journey is to start small, add value and iterate fast

Immediate value via SaaS with no risks and no strings attached

Immediate value via SaaS with no risks and no strings attached


Manual effort reduction from automating repetitive tasks


Faster response to customer technical complaints, leading to increased customer satisfaction


AI solutions deployed in the best Telco Operators around the globe


Consistency in decisions, avoiding different outcomes for the same issue

They trust Tupl with their automation initiatives

Pedro Tavares - Deloitte
the new tupl saas portfolio

The new Tupl SaaS portfolio expands the reach of Deloitte and Tupl in delivering network operations automation using artificial intelligence.
Tupl’s SaaS-based offering, which we deliver with transformation services for tailored use cases, brings the automation of network operations engineering to a larger market of customers.


Telecom Engineering Centre of Excellence

Pedro Tavares (Lead Partner)

Valentin Neacsu VEON Group
Tupl Power Saving Advisor allows us to maximize energy savings VEON Group

Tupl Power Saving Advisor allows us to maximize energy savings, while ensuring quality is fully under our control. It gave us back control over our destiny, with zero-touch operation. Besides, we could capitalize savings within the first year

Valentin Neacsu

Former CTO Kyivstar

(Ukraine, VEON Group)

View Interview

View Interview

the new tupl saas portfolio

At T-Mobile, we’re obsessed with the customer experience, and Tupl’s tool has enabled us to respond to our customers much faster on technical issues. Solutions like this help make T-Mobile #1 in customer satisfaction in US wireless.

Brian King

T-Mobile’s SVP & Chief, Technology Services & Operations

tech mahindra
the new tupl saas portfolio

This approach to network automation allows customers to only commit to what they need and have the confidence that they are always running the latest version.

Petri Hautakangas

Tupl CEO

This is the approach to use Ai technologies

This is the approach to use AI technologies to turn accumulated engineering knowledge into digital knowledge for scaling, speed and consistency.

Ken Miyausi

Softbank President and CEO

tupl and nesic

The collaboration between Tupl and NESIC will enable us to provide automated solutions that improve the efficiency and speed of network operations, which are becoming increasingly complex due to the accelerating shift to open and multi-vendor networks.

Mr. Yukinobu Noguchi

Associate Senior Vice President, NESIC

google cloud
This is the approach to use Ai technologies

Our partnership with Google Cloud addresses one of the biggest real-life hurdles of telecom operators: legacy IT complexities hindering the adoption of new technologies.

Petri Hautakangas

Tupl CEO

amdocs, telcel, keysight technologies
ntt docomo
General Manager of Radio Access Network Development NTT DOCOMO, INC

This time, two companies have achieved an excellent outcome in the trial of optimization of base stations’ antenna tilt settings.
This outcome was obtained through leveraging the technical strengths of both companies, i.e., Tupl’s knowledge of network optimization employing the deep reinforcement learning and DOCOMO’s experience as a mobile network operator. We also consider this a useful achievement of our co-creation.

Mr. Masafumi Masuda

General Manager of Radio Access Network Development

ntt paravita
NTT paravita

Improving sleep quality is correlated with labor productivity, and is said to be directly linked to corporate profits. By utilizing Tupl’s AI solutions in addition to our own AI solutions, NTT PARAVITA’s service levels have been raised. Together with improved sleep quality for individuals, we expect to improve productivity for businesses.

Ryohei Suzuki


Cordis SUITE
Cordis SUITE

Our shared vision of how to change the industry is the strong basis for this partnership. Bringing manufacturing back to Europe is an increasing vital business strategy for many companies. To make this possible it requires Smart Factories driven by increased Automation and Digitalization.

Benno Beuting

CEO at Cordis SUITE


We are proud to be able to collaborate with Tupl, another company from Malaga which is also committed to developing innovative solutions to continue to bring value in this field.

Mariano Barroso

Torsa's Executive Vice President


Agro Advisor is a commitment to digital transformation and it is a partnership that benefits everyone.

Carlos Cerezo

General Manager at Medifer

Santa Concha
Santa Concha

Agro Advisor provides me with immediate information, prevention tips, ease of use and interpretation, and cost savings.

Eduardo Ruiz

Farmer and manager at Santa Concha S.L

Natuvera, Coitama y Tecnipec
tupl automation by AI for Network Operations

Operations made simple with AI