AI for Network Operations

Our AI Engine, TuplOS, automates your engineering tasks for customer care and network operations

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An Introduction to Tupl

How Tupl Works

We turn every customer issue into an opportunity. The Tupl platform collects network and performance data and recommends actions so you can build a trusted relationship with your customers.

1Collect Network Data

2Create Visualizations

3Suggest Actions

Benefits of integrating Tupl to your network

  • Respond to customers 10x faster
  • Solve more with your engineering crew, consistently
  • Get instant access to all of your network data

How We Fit With Your Network

Tupl breaks your company data silos by collecting and correlating information from multiple systems, either from existing tools or directly from the source.

Our Solutions

Our automated software replaces work that is mostly manual, repetitive, and requires highly-trained individuals. Each solution can be used independently, but works best when used together.

Customer Care Automation

Equip your customer care team with a system that automatically identifies complex customer issues and recommends steps to resolution.

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Tupl Network Advisor

Manage ever growing network operational complexity and focus your people on areas that provide added value to your business by automating the most repetitive and time-consuming performance and troubleshooting tasks.

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Tupl Unifier

Drastically reduce time spent accessing multiple data solutions by switching to the Tupl Unifier. Quickly view your customer activity and key network insights.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this another CEM solution?

    Legacy CEM and SQM solutions put their focus on Visualizing the Customer Experience. Tupl solution builds on top to resolve those problems, in a (closed-loop) automated manner, leveraging Robotics process automation empowered by AI. Tupl solution can add significant and measurable value on top of any existing system, including CEM, for Operations Use Cases (e.g. Customer Care Automation and Network Operation Automation)

  • Similar project attempts with complex system integration took us over a year, before we were able to assess any business impact. How long does it take for Tupl?

    Thanks to the TuplOS technology, which allows us to leverage existing Big Data and AI technologies, our customers are able to realize benefits from 6 weeks since project commencement. This allows us to offer our solutions also in rental and SaaS mode.

  • What does Tupl stand for?

    It's short for tuple, multidimensional coordinate system in mathematics, or rows/records in programming. Indicates our passion for using Big Data to solve complex problems in network engineering.

  • We are already working with our own Big Data platform. Is your solution compatible?

    Tupl is built upon Big Data technologies stack using an open architecture, which allows us to adapt to existing data lakes and to leverage any existing environment and investments.

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