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Tupl Co-Founders on How Wireless Networks are Becoming Increasingly Automated

Automation has already been embedded in wireless networks for quite some time with operators trying to deploy solutions that would help them be more efficient. There are examples that go all the way back to frequency planning or cell-planning; however, these solutions are quite outdated for the state of mobile networking today. That’s why we… Read the rest

Tupl leads Docker Workshop at University of Malaga

The Tupl team led a Docker Workshop for the Big Data Master ‘s program students at the University of Malaga. It was an amazing experience. We found a lot of talent hiding in those students! A week before the workshop we went to the Ada-Byron UMA building to run some tests and check that everything… Read the rest

And the Nominees Are…

Recently in the Silicon Valley, after evaluating over 200 start-ups, a group of 30 global telecom operators nominated Tupl for their prestigious “Edison Award for Most Innovative Start-up.” The Telecom Council does important work in bringing industry’s top influencers under the same roof, exchanging the latest developments and bridging the gap between innovative start-ups, larger… Read the rest

Moving Telcos to Real-Time

Yesterday, we attended an event in Silicon Valley organized by the Telecom Council. The topic under discussion was “Moving Telcos to Real-Time,” and the organization brought together a series of speakers, panellists and product demos from companies that are actively working in this space. The audience consisted of high calibre operators and telecom vendors from… Read the rest

Big Data in the Telecom Space

Big Data is one of those concepts that has been floating around for a few years now. Without the need to fully understand how it works, everyone grasps that the technology has huge promise: conceptually we all realize that there is a lot of data been generated in our day to day jobs, and it… Read the rest

Tupl @ IBM | Spark Signature Moment

Yesterday, at a spectacular event held at the Galvanized offices in Downtown San Francisco, IBM announced they will invest $300 million to promote and develop Spark, a modern and powerful framework for Big Data computation. Tupl was selected by IBM as one of the high-tech start-ups that have successfully adopted Spark to effectively address a… Read the rest

Introducing Tupl

By Pablo Tapia, founder and CEO It has now been almost one year since Tupl incorporated with a very clear goal in mind: to design from scratch, a revolutionary backend system for network operators that helps solve their daily operational pain points. This is an issue close to my heart, as a former member of… Read the rest