Tupl Inc. - 2023 in Review: a look back at the last 12 months

2023 has been a remarkable year for Tupl. From prestigious awards to innovative solutions, strategic partnerships, customer acquisition and diversification, and impactful events, all the hard work has paid off, bringing double-digit growth and lots of new projects. With the new year, new opportunities and challenges will come, and we will be ready to embrace them.

New Use Cases for our MLOps in Telco and Beyond 

At Tupl, we have taken AI technology to another level with our MLOps no-code automation platform, TuplOS, allowing us to travel through multiple sectors: Telco, Industry, Agro, Health, and Utilities.

Telco has been our primary focus since Tupl was founded, and we have many AI-powered automation applications implemented in Tier 1 Operators across the world. This year we have enhanced our deployments to achieve new heights, addressing critical challenges in the Telco Industry: 

-       In response to the issue of prolonged Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) durations that hindered client-supplier interactions, Tupl's customer care solution, AI Care Now, achieved a remarkable reduction in MTTR of less than 30 seconds, additionally bringing a 90% reduction in tickets. 

-       In the pursuit of energy-saving solutions, our Power Saving Advisor (PSA) underwent advancements, assisting Telco providers in reducing energy consumption without compromising customer service quality. Specifically, PSA optimized over 1500% the Sleep Time from Default Settings, resulting in over 10% reduction in energy consumption. 

-       Additionally, Tupl introduced the Open RAN Toolkit, a groundbreaking platform for optimizing and managing Open RAN networks. This solution flexibly collects data from diverse sources, adhering to industry standards such as SMO and non-RT RIC ORAN, ensuring cutting-edge analytics and performance.

Tupl's commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI applications in Telco not only addresses operational challenges but also propels the industry toward enhanced efficiency, reduced energy consumption, and elevated customer satisfaction.

In an effort to diversify in 2023, Tupl has focused on the manufacturing and agroindustry sectors. 

Human errors, production anomalies, inefficient product control, and delayed failure detection pose significant challenges for Smart Factories, impeding progress in manufacturing lines. Tupl's AI Quality Control Toolkit (AI QCTk) addresses these issues, offering real-world solutions for industrial companies. In 2023, we dedicated ourselves to testing, refining, and delivering tangible results.

In the Agroindustry sector, we have launched AI Agro Unifier, which provides integration, control, analysis, and decision-making to automate efficient farming through a comprehensive platform that monitors and synchronizes all field operations through AI. 

Clients, Partnerships, and Collaborations

Every year, our sales team embarks on an extensive journey, tirelessly forging connections and shaping our future as a leading AI provider. This dedication has led us to establish pivotal partnerships and collaborations, driven by our revolutionary no-code MLOps hyperautomation platform, TuplOS.

This year we certainly dedicated the biggest part of our efforts to enhancing our Telco projects, where we work with our clients such as T-Mobile, NTT Docomo, and Veon Group, among others. In 2023 we also seized the opportunity to partner with NESIC, a major Service Provider in Japan, to provide customer care solutions to address network operation issues for telecommunication carriers, such as KDDI Corporation. Moreover, our business development strategies have resulted in onboarding new customers among Tier 1 Telco providers in Europe and North America. 

Additionally, in 2023, in the manufacturing domain, we joined forces with Premo Group, a leading manufacturer of electronics components, to optimize their manufacturing lines with automated visual inspection processes for anomaly detection. And in agriculture, we worked with Surexport to automate crop yield estimation through advanced data analytics tools and AI applications. 

Other Initiatives 

·      Tupl Academy

In 2023 we worked on a major initiative to provide selected partners with access to our training platform, Tupl Academy. This online training platform offers in-depth training on TuplOS, our AI-driven MLOps platform designed to automate processes in various industries. The courses cover a range of topics such as Data Engineering, AI Modelling, Infrastructure Administration, and more. This knowledge equips users with the skills to leverage data analytics effectively, optimize performance, and make informed decisions. It’s a valuable resource for partners and employees to master the use of Tupl’s innovative solutions. 

·      Hackathons

These are hands-on development workshops using our TuplOS platform to develop applications through collaborative exercises among our customers, team members, and in certain instances, with our partners. This interactive experience allows participants to enhance their understanding of our platform, improve its functionality, and delve into the exploration of new technologies.

Major Recognitions 

Tupl celebrated a series of remarkable achievements throughout 2023, solidifying its position as a trailblazer in the tech industry. 

On the Telco front, Tupl has been featured on the Houlihan Lokey Connectivity Software Market Update as a top AI Enabler, recognizing how our AI engine and machine learning utilities enable fast innovation cycles for network and customer care operations, enabling operators to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Another recognition in 2023 was the Best Solution in the Private Use in SME AI Award by AMETIC, the Association representing the Digital Industry in Spain. This recognition was a testament to the excellence of our Industry 4.0 solution, the AI Quality Control Toolkit. 

As the year drew to a close, Tupl received the XI Edition of the Hacemos Malaga 2023 Business Award. This important award recognized our commitment and substantial contribution to the innovation and development of the entrepreneurial landscape in Malaga.

New Solutions

2023 was indeed an intense and effective year for us. Our R&D team worked tirelessly to harness the power of automation, digital transformation, and artificial intelligence to develop innovative solutions that could make a difference in various fields: 

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