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Tupl to participate at Future Net Conference. Insights' Recap

Tupl to participate at Future Net Conference. Insights' Recap

The FutureNet World brings together over 850+ of the world's leading telco executives to discuss digital strategies, priorities, and considerations for the future of the network.

This year, the FutureNet World was hosted on 10-11 of May 2022 in London, being in an in-person format and virtually broadcasted.   

On a Tupl's side, Traian Ionescu, our Head of EMEA Region, visited this networking & thought leadership-focused event and shared his experience and conclusions with all of us.  

The FutureNet World conference branched over six core hottest Telecom topics: the role of Telco, 5G & Edge, automation and network AI, operational and data transformation, AI orchestration and assurance, zero-touch automation, and the future of networks from the sustainability point of view. So, Traian has noticed: all the event activities, topics, and discussions were circled around an increasing efficiency while bettering the customer experience. Also, the concept of the conference implied emphasis on conversations about the coming future of Telecom, Network Automation, and sustainable impact. 

Key Traian's Ionescu observations:  

1. Automation nowadays is not a point of choice: it is imperative if service providers are going to survive and remain competitive in an ever-increasing connected world. And all operators seem to be interested in fastening their transformation processes according to their strategic & commercial priorities.  For example, with Tupl MLOps platform the speed of the digital transformation can be increased by 90% in the operators by automating with AI relevant processes such as Technical Customer Care or Power Savings. 

2. Energy Saving (Power Saving) has become on most vendors' & operators' statements list.  

3. "Hyper Automation" is speeding up, and this brand-new term is starting to be widely used. But also, automation scares people to being off, hence the risk of resistance towards embracing it. So, emphasizing that humans will always have a place is essential.  

4. AI offers a real opportunity to address challenges to provide intelligent network operations and maintenance and will lead to self-healing and self-optimizing autonomous networks and intelligent decision-making to reduce delays and errors.  

5. "Real-time inventory" is a necessity for future stages of complex automation; otherwise, it is impossible to automate areas/processes where is a lack of visibility.  

6. The concept of ORAN is not certainly formed. Leaders have different visions of answering the question, "What does ORAN mean for you?". Hence, it seems that ORAN requires massive transformation as people are not almost ready.  

7. The growing tendency is to provide operators with new opportunities and innovative solutions and present several vital challenges around integration and functionality.    

8. The Industry now recognizes the potential of changing the network architecture by incorporating telco cloud technologies, general-purpose hardware, and programmable network functions powered by AI and intelligent network automation. 

During the FutureNet World conference days, telecom industry leaders come together to network and discuss strategic and commercial priorities in today's digital world and the considerations for the future of the network. Discovering more insights advances the industry's constant development and Tupl - prioritizing our business and products' strategy, being ahead of technology transformation, and suggesting aligned to the market automation solutions.

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