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How Tupl is transforming the AI Automation Landscape

How Tupl is transforming the AI Automation Landscape

2022 Half-year Business and Product Reflections: How Tupl is transforming the AI Automation Landscape

The benefits of automation using AI are undeniable, as is the successful adoption of AI in the market. However, there are several trends in the market that need to be considered when implementing an automation strategy using AI. In this post, we want to share our thoughts on the current market situation as well as how we see the way forward. 

Major AI Market Developments

According to 2021 Gartner AI in Organizations Survey, company leaders implementing digital transformation solutions need to take into account, among others, the following trends that are shaping the market:  

·       Difficulty measuring value and a lack of understanding of benefits and uses.  

·       By 2023, 85% of AI solutions sold by vendors will focus on concrete industry verticals.  

·       Any AI strategy initiative must first focus on the organization’s readiness.

To find the right formula for successful AI implementation and achieve valuable business results, business leaders should find answers for:  

1.     Use Cases: to find the most valuable use-cases within the organization that have the quickest time to value.  

2.     Skills: to make sure your talent pool is assembled with a set of talents pertinent to the use cases to be solved (consult with an AI software solutions provider to staff properly).

3.     Data: to gather the appropriate data to address the selected use cases. 

4.     Technology: to select the AI techniques linked to the use cases, the skills, and the data (consult with an AI software solutions provider). 

5.     Organization: to structure the expertise and internal AI experience-sharing process. 

Engaging in an AI strategy without first making sure all these components are addressed creates confusion and makes it difficult for organizations to set the right expectations for business outcomes.  

At Tupl, we have eight years of expertise in tackling these challenges together with our customers, who have typically seen benefits of 90% automation levels, 90% less resources needed to put an automation solution into production, and the possibility of using SMEs (subject matter experts) to develop the applications rather than data scientists.

This publication exposes some of the insider facts about Tupl, the mission we follow, and the key features of our latest automation products.

The Mission, evolved

Since 2014, when Tupl was founded, we have always been committed to our mission of “repetitive manual tasks, regardless of how complex, need to become more automated”, and with the passage of time, we have evolved to being able to cater to any operational challenges, regardless of the vertical.

Thanks to our MLOps platform capabilities, we have expanded our ability to automate processes in several industries such as Smart Agriculture, eHealth or Manufacturing. And it entirely aligns with Gartner´s statement, by which 85% of AI solutions sold by vendors must be focused on concrete industry verticals.

Cutting-edge Tupl Products 

Below are some examples of the latest applications we have developed to address key automation use cases in different markets:

Power Saving Advisor (PSA)

Significant energy consumption increase and a rapid surge of the kWh costs have hit telecom operators, increasing their operational costs and making it necessary to address energy management in an efficient way. In 2020 Tupl developed an AI-based energy management automation application which has been providing optimal savings in commercial networks since 2021. Judging by the truly global demand that emerged especially in the first half of 2022, this is one of the hottest AI based automation solutions at the moment. 

Any given Tier-1 operator in the US is already spending over $600M/year for energy consumption of the cell sites. The equipment OEMs are marketing their energy efficiency; however, the chart below shows the reality in the field: while traffic diminishes by around 75% during low traffic times, energy consumption decreases only by 18%.  

With Power Saving Advisor mobile operators can in a transparent and secure way achieve up to 25% more energy savings while maintaining a 100% positive customer experience and reducing manual efforts by 90%.

Thanks to the Tupl AI/ML Platform, operators have seen a 10% reduction in their electricity bill.

Learn more about Power Saving Advisor from our White Paper.

AI Care Solution 

AI Care - is an AI Customer Support Automation solution that uses all relevant Network and Customer data to detect the root cause of the customer problem, troubleshoot, and provide actionable recommendations in natural language to Customer Service agents, Network Operations & Engineers.  

The numbers we achieved while implementing the solution for our customers were extraordinary: with AI Care NOWcustomer issues were solved in just 3 minutes (and in some cases in 50 seconds) instead of 90 minutes per ticket on average, as before. 

First Call Resolution was improved by 5% and Customer Ticket reduction by 78%.

Now we are officially over 2000x faster (from 2 days down to 1 minute) than the traditional way of fixing customer issues.  

The AI Care solution was deployed on leading mobile network operators in the USA, Europe, and Japan, and upgrades to AI Care NOW are happening as we write this. Importantly, this solution is not limited to mobile operators’ customer issues, but can scale and adapt to every company looking for a solution to automate technical customer care operations.  

Smart Industry solution: AI Quality Control Toolkit

The visual inspection quality control toolkit reduces the manual labour required to detect manufacturing quality problems and helps overcome the challenges of industrial digital transformation.  

Tupl's AI Quality Control Toolkit automates manual inspection operations, fastens time to value, reduces costs and risks, scales production, and makes the supply chain predictable. The business impact is reflected in shortened costs with 90% less manual labour and increased detection accuracy (from 85% while scanning manually to 95% while scanning automatically). It allows to streamline operational processes and shortcut time to market from months to several weeks and scale business further when scaling the ML model. 

Our AI Quality Control Toolkit has already been  implemented as PoC in with Premoa leading automotive parts manufacturer. 

Tupl Agro Advisor  (WhatsApp)

Tupl Agro Advisor is an artificial intelligence remote detection solution for the agri-food sector to identify areas impacted by internal and external factors and to provide personalized information to farmers via the WhatsApp app throughout the agricultural season.   

The app simplifies farmers' operations and decision-making process, making farms "self-manageable" thanks to up-to-date monitoring, diagnosis, and recommendation plans based on the evolution of crops and the effect of taken actions.    

The business value is expressed in sustainable farming and cost savings: optimization of water pouring, nutrition, minerals, and plant protection products to protect nature and increase net profits.   

At this moment, we are offering all farmers, agricultural associations, and agri-food companies across Spain to use our automation solution for different crops (olive trees, cereal, citric). Get your WhatApp Agro Advisor – signing up for a trial:   

TuplOS – MLOps Platform 

Telecom operators and many other companies across industries realize the need for an AI Engine to build and maintain the automation use cases internally, to reduce dependency on outside contractors, such as managed services companies.

Our existing use cases on top of TuplOS have been highly valued by Telecom industry experts due to our focus on facilitating the digital transformation from "subject matter expertise" to digital AI models, reducing the need for many organizations to have an army of ML experts inside the company. 

Further enabling the digital transformation, Tupl has  announced a partnership with Google Cloud, that will bring Tupl’s innovative AI based automation solutions (AI Care, Power Savings Advisor, Network Intelligence Automation, NOC Automation, Open RAN SMO/RIC or Unifier) to Google Cloud’s customers around the world. 

As an example, Tupl Network Advisor has been already deployed at a Tier 1 European CSP on Google Cloud, additionally, Tupl’s Power Saving Advisor is now also available on Google Cloud and allows Mobile CSPs to reduce their RAN energy consumption & CO2 footprint while keeping full control over customer network quality.

And the first true Tupl AI Engine third-party use is becoming a reality with the partnership with NESIC (NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation), where we are training NESIC experts to be proficient with TuplOS platform. NESIC will be able to maximize the benefits of Tupl's existing AI/machine learning solutions, and develop their own use cases in telecom and other verticals. 

If you are interested in getting more details about our applied experience in a certain industry or you are interested in getting a demo – leave us a message. Let’s talk about AI automation now!

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