Automatically resolves customer issues during the first call or visit to the store.

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How good is your first call Resolution rate?

First-call resolution (FCR) is a key contributor to customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score, which are key to reducing customer churn.

How quick are you to find the underlying causes of customer issues?

How quick are you to find the underlying causes of customer issues?

It takes a highly specialized work force to root-cause customer complaints, and this is specially challenging when working with multiple teams with different levels of expertise and focus.


Not resolving the customer problem while on call, reducing NPS and customer satisfaction.


Slow and poor customer interactions, affecting customer sentiment, and increasing call center costs.

How many customer issues are you solving during the first customer call?

How many customer issues are you solving during the first customer call?

With the complexity and variety of technical problems, your customers may require going through several levels of escalations and call multiple times into care to have their issue resolved.


A low first call resolution rate puts a burden on customer care with additional customer calls.


Multiple escalations to the tier 2 care team resulting in additional inefficiencies and added costs.

Is your retail store team empowered to address technical issues from your customers?

Is your retail store team empowered to address technical issues from your customers?

When your customers come to your retail stores to get information about problems with their service, they may come out without their issue being addressed.


Customers will get frustrated and lose trust in your brand if your retail employees are not able to address their technical problems.


Your retail store employees cannot help customers with service issues because they lack the technical knowledge and tools to address it.

Tupl AI Care NOW improves First Call Resolution by enabling care agents to behave as telco experts

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What benefits can you expect from AI Care NOW?


First Call Resolution


Ticket reduction


Device upselling



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How AI Care NOW works?


Prompts first line employee with information during the first customer call or visit to the store.


The system analyzes the customer’s recent activity and within 50 seconds provides the L1 & store personnel with a root cause and potential resolution.

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Use cases


Site maintenance related

Detecting when a site maintenance activity is the cause of the customer’s degraded experience


Mobility problem

Detection of continuous connection jumps from one site to another pointing to a coverage or site issue


Site performance issue

Problems caused by chronic degradation of site KPIs or Alarms causing performance issues for customers


Leakage problem

Detecting if customer should be covered by more advanced technologies (4G, 5G) but stuck in old technologies (2G, 3G)


Coverage problem

Identify coverage holes on all technology bands based on customer location


Indoor device issue

Problems caused by incorrect setup or connection failures of indoor devices (e.g., femtocell)


Provisioning conflict

Incorrect provisioning creates conflicts between nodes, devices, billing etc., causing service's failure


Idle profile

Idle profile when disabling accounts could cause unnecessary usage of resources and potential conflicting provisioning issues


Missing service

Missing required configurations in customer profile for a service that they should have available causing a specific service not to work


Revenue holes

Accounts that should be temporarily disabled due to payment issues were not properly changed in downstream systems causing revenue holes


Restricted services

An incorrect service restriction has been set up for the customer, limiting their ability to make calls or send messages


Application installed in device causing service problem

An application used for messaging has been installed by the customer causing the stock messaging app not to be able to send messages


Device missing bands that provide better coverage/service

A device lacks the bands that the operator needs for optimal service

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to the most common questions about AI Care NOW.

How does AI Care NOW work?


Tupl AI Care NOW reduces the customer service team workload, quickly identifying & resolving end-customer issues by integrating with network and subscriber data.

Tupl AI Care NOW uses all relevant Network and Customer data to find the most likely root cause of the customer problem and provides recommendations in natural language to Customer Service agents and Network Operations & Engineers.

The AI Engine correlates data from multiple sources to automate the detection, troubleshooting and action recommendations for customer incidents.

How does Tupl Saas work?


AI Care NOW SaaS is delivered in cloud service (e.g. AWS, Azure, etc.) and can also be deployed on-premises, in your private cloud or data center.

It is easy and quick to get started, fit for a faster procurement process, with a functional solution in operation within 2-3 weeks.

Monthly subscription. No strings attached. Stop at any time.

How accurate is your prescriptive analytics and closed loop automation?


The more relevant data sources are used, the higher the accuracy. Our algorithms, verified by our customers' engineers, have reached over 90% accuracy.

How about project complexity?


Most of the project time is typically spent in arranging access from various sources. The integration and validation of functionality takes only between one and two months. Not your typical telecom timelines...

Will AI Care NOW work with subset of the feeds?


Yes. In fact, algorithms are designed so that we can use what is available, and additional data sources just increase the granularity of the prescriptive analytics automation. Some data sources are mandatory for obvious reasons, such as: tickets, KPIs, topology data.

What type of customer issues is AI Care NOW addressing?


AI Care NOW is directly handling technical customer complaints, mainly related to engineering localized issues, which could be related to the network (e.g. faults, congestion), the location (e.g. coverage) or the handset equipment.

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Get started and request a demo to learn how AI Care NOW can help you.

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