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Tupl and TORSA sign a collaboration agreement to develop automation applications for the renewable energy sector and smart agriculture.

Tupl and TORSA sign a collaboration agreement to develop automation applications for the renewable energy sector and smart agriculture.

Málaga, Spain, October 2022

Tupl, a US-based company developing AI solutions for automating operations across industries, today announced the signature of a strategic partnership agreement with Torsa, a Spanish company specialized in designing and manufacturing high technological level solutions for the heavy industry (mining, civil engineering, etc.), logistics, and renewable energy sectors. 

In this latter domain, Torsa focuses on all phases of the promotion, construction and management of wind and photovoltaic parks, including financial and fiscal management as well as environmental control and management. 

Tupl, is devoted to accelerating the digital transformation journey through AI, developing automation applications based on artificial intelligence. Tupl’s flagship AI engine, TuplOS, provides a framework that enables a faster development of complex and intelligent automation applications that leverage Machine Learning technologies, considerably reducing time to market. 

Torsa and Tupl enter this agreement with the objective of accelerating innovation and growth in several joint initiatives, leveraging Torsa’s excellence in advanced hardware design, and Tupl’s ability to quickly turn AI-based product ideas into commercial solutions.  Their collaboration will foster the development of AI-based automation applications that will facilitate the digital transformation journey in multiple sectors, including Renewable energy, Digital Agriculture and Smart Manufacturing. 

The two companies have already started collaborating on the development of an application for the monitoring of protected bird species in wind farms, a crucial aspect to unlock the deployment of multiple wind farms in Spain, that would further help reduce the country’s dependency on carbon energy sources while caring for the local wildlife. 

Pablo Tapia, Tupl CTO, said: “We have a tremendous respect for the innovative work being done at Torsa, and we consider them a perfect partner to complement our offering: while we focus on the software and logic of a solution, they are particularly focused on the hardware aspects of the products. This tandem will help bring great innovative products to life with a very short time to market”. 

On Torsa’s side, Mariano Barroso, Torsa’s Executive Vice President said: “With this agreement Torsa continues its commitment to develop technology solutions that have a positive impact on society, for example in the area of renewable energies. There’s no better way to do this tan cooperating with another Malaga company that is a leader in AI applications. We are proud to be able to collaborate with Tupl, another company from Malaga which is also committed to developing innovative solutions to continue to bring value in this field”. 

About Tupl

Founded in 2014 by telecom, big data and AI experts, Tupl is pioneering the digital transformation of the telecom industry by automating network operations with AI. The company's AI engine, TuplOS, leverages machine learning and other technologies to accelerate the innovation cycle of network and customer care operations for wireless carriers in the United States, Japan, Mexico, and Europe. Tupl’s ultimate goal is to bring artificial intelligence to any sector, enabling any user to implement AI applications easily. 

Headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, USA, with offices in Spain, Mexico, and Japan, Tupl is rapidly expanding its global presence by 2022. For more information on Tupl, please visit

About Torsa

TORSA is an engineering company from Malaga devoted to the development of IoT solutions.  With 25 years of history and success stories in different industrial sectors such as mining, logistics and renewable energies the company has several branches in Peru, Chile, Mexico, etc, and is headquartered in the Technological Park of Andalusia - the largest technological hub in southern Europe. From the different offices TORSA supports the commercial and technical operations of the company for the development of a wide range of solutions aimed at covering needs and solving common problems in the various industries where the company is focused.

For more information about Torsa, visit

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