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Cordis and Tupl announce a game-changing approach to machine control software development and operation

Cordis and Tupl announce a game-changing approach to machine control software development and operation

Cordis and Tupl announce a game-changing approach to machine control software development and operation: automate and digitalize in one using low-code approach.

Málaga, Spain, September 2022

Cordis and Tupl reveal their approach to Smart Machines development and operation, which is based on a 'Single Source of Truth' (SSOT) architecture which interconnects automation and digitalization and a low-code approach that allows to focus on Architecture and Design instead of Coding the software. 

Cordis Platform

The Cordis SUITE platform responds to this need with a 'Single Source of Truth' (SSOT) architecture. The formal description in the low-code model is the basis/source from which all the subsystems are integrated via automated model transformations. In addition to transforming (or generating) the machine control software, the low-code model is also used for integrating User Interface applications, Microsoft HoloLens (metaverse) applications, Simulation applications, Data analysis applications, Documentation, and Formal verification model checkers. In the Cordis SUITE data platform - in addition to sensor data - operational data is also extracted from the executed control-software, providing a detailed trace log of the execution of the control software. with time-stamped data for claims, events, and signals.


Tupl’s approach to Smart Factory is based on TuplOS, its AI-based automation by AI platform that can be used to integrate sensors, systems, and cameras from an industrial environment to provide a full operational management platform that can automate different technical processes. It leverages other multiple metrics for Root Cause Analysis, as well as for the creation of models for predictive maintenance. Tupl’s first Smart Factory application - called AI Quality Control Toolkit - reduces the manual labor required to detect quality problems in manufacturing lines. It can automate multiple use cases such as damage detection, missing components identification, process issues, or even failure prediction.

Pablo Tapia, CTO at Tupl said: “We are very excited about this partnership because we truly believe it can be game-changing for the implementation of digital transformation at industrial settings. Both Cordis SUITE and Tupl have a similar approach to making our customers more productive and able to deliver a faster time-to-market: low coding, low maintenance and cost-effective platforms that will give our customers the edge in the smart factory field.”

Benno Beuting, CEO at Cordis SUITE: “Our shared vision of how to change the industry is the strong basis for this partnership. Bringing manufacturing back to Europe - closer to home - is an increasing vital business strategy for many companies. To make this possible it requires Smart Factories driven by increased Automation and Digitalization, that learn as it goes constantly improving the systems. With the seamlessly integrated combination of our technologies, we provide a solution to this.”

 About Tupl

Founded in 2014 by telecom, big data and AI experts, Tupl is pioneering the digital transformation of the telecom industry by automating network operations with AI. The company's AI engine, TuplOS, leverages machine learning and other technologies to accelerate the innovation cycle of network and customer care operations for wireless carriers in the United States, Japan, Mexico, and Europe. Tupl’s ultimate goal is to bring artificial intelligence to any sector, enabling any user to implement AI applications easily. 

Headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, USA, with offices in Spain, Mexico, and Japan, Tupl is rapidly expanding its global presence by 2022. For more information on Tupl, please visit

About Cordis SUITE

Cordis SUITE offers a low-code software development platform, for machine-control applications.  A cross-platform solution, supporting multiple PLC-controllers such as Siemens, Bosch Rexroth ctrlX, Beckhoff, Lenze and also Embedded-controllers running on C# Linux/Windows. It provides a low-code software development solution that allows the development process to focus strictly on the architecture and design (the structure and behavior) of the machine instead of coding the software.

Cordis was founded in 2000 and has offices in Eindhoven the Netherlands and Málaga Spain, where the product ‘Cordis SUITE’ is developed. For more information on Cordis SUITE, please visit

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