Unifier PM

Network performance management tool with multi-cloud support and integrated automation.

Unifier PM

Are you really getting all the insights you need from your multiple data sources?

Correlating and analyzing information out of dozens of data sets to get the relevant information to solve your business problems is a very time consuming and tedious task.

Too much time spent on manual data mining?

Too much time spent on manual data mining?

Data analysts and engineers need to spend a relevant portion of their valuable time manually querying and correlating data from multiple sources, usually stored in silos. All too often, they have to repeat the process time and again, as they are bounded by legacy systems' low performance.


Manual data manipulation is a hidden cost.


IT systems low performance impact your productivity.

How easy and cost-effective is it to upgrade and maintain your legacy tools?

How easy and cost-effective is it to upgrade and maintain your legacy tools?

New data sources and business analysis requirements continuously evolve, demanding complex and expensive upgrades on multiple IT & BI systems.


Adding new data sources onto multiple systems requires a high effort.


Maintaining multiple legacy systems adds extra costs. Every data source update is a slow and man-power intensive process, highly dependent on proprietary legacy technology, resulting into high cost to maintain and evolve.

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Do you really know the TCO of your Network Performance Management Tool?

Legacy performance management (PM) tools are typically not designed for easy integration and not always multivendor. In a nutshell, they are not optimized for scalability or flexibility.


PM tools often lack automation integration. Native integration between your Intelligent Automation-by-AI and AIOps solutions and your NPM system is a key practical element for a successful digital transformation for your network engineering processes.


PM tools often don’t have agile optimization. High hardware computing resources footprint and lack of cloud support hinders the possibility to leverage lower total-cost-of ownership solutions for scalability and hosting.


Having no multivendor capabilities limits the applicability for use cases.

Reduce TCO and upgrade your network performance management tool to be truly scalable

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What benefits can you expect from Tupl Unifier PM?


Time savings in data access


Synchronized Data sources


Data anomalies check

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Benefits for Network engineers

Get "ready-made" data correlations on multiple data sources from your network (PM, CM, FM...). Timely served data means increased efficiency and shorter time-to-action.


Get "ready-made" data correlations on multiple data sources.


Multi-cloud support and real-time fall management alarms.


Optimized UI and full integration with AI.

video Benefits for Power usersplay video benefits for Power users

Benefits for Power users

The Power Users, say the Networks domain experts responsible for defining engineering guidelines and rules, can easily manage the KPI definition, create predefined performance alerts and define customized views for monitoring, troubleshooting and issues research.


Fast KPI definition and performance alerts' configuration.


Flexible and easy customization of views.


50% reduced footprint.

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Use cases


Performance Management

Network Element’s raw counters and KPIs (i.e. DCR, CSSR, PRB Utilization, UL RSSI, etc).


Configuration Management

Network Element’s configuration parameters settings (i.e. PCI, RS Index, BCCH, T313, etc), with automatic checks for configuration delta and discrepancies against golden parameter templates.


Geolocated Traces (GEO)

Geolocated Network Element- reported events at cell, bin, UE or session level (i.e. RSRP, RSRQ, Thput).


Mobile Quality Agents

Geolocated reports from Mobile Quality Agents.


FM Alarms

Equipment alarms reported by Network Elements.


Coverage Predictions

Raster layers of predicted coverage calculated by planning tools.


FM Alarms

Equipment alarms reported by Network Elements.


Network Probes

KPIs and reports collected by probes (throughput, availability, etc).


Work Orders

Planned works tickets records on network elements.


Node Tickets

Faults on network elements reported by FM systems and engineers.


Social Networks

Service performance issues on social networks.


Customer Tickets

Service complaints tickets filed by Customer Support agents on CRM.


Voice & Data CDRs

Call Data Records from billing systems.


Provisioning Records

Customer subscription records and service provisioning status.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to the most common questions about Unifier PM.

How does Unifier PM work?


Tupl Unifier PM acts as a single window to collect network and customer data from multiple sources and store it so that fast, cross-correlated analysis can be performed, including:

  • Customer data such as geo-location records, call performance, service performance.
  • Network status such as network performance KPIs, alerts and anomalies; configuration parameter values, changes and discrepancies; faults, trouble-ticket and work-order events.

Unifier PM also integrates with Tupl Apps delivering automation to operational use cases.

How does Tupl SaaS work?


Unifier PM SaaS is delivered as cloud SaaS service (e.g. AWS, Azure, etc.) and can also be deployed on-premises, in our private cloud or data center.

It is easy and quick to get started, with a functional solution in operation within 2-3 weeks.

Request a quote to get started now.

Is 50% time savings really correct?


A significant amount of time in engineering is spent on accessing the various tools needed to do proper investigation, even 80% is not unheard of. TuplOS processes all information continuously, and all panes of Tupl Unifier PM are always up-to-date. 30%-80% time spent on access & upload turns into 0% with Unifier PM.

I have been frustrated with how long it takes other tools to process a data query. How is Tupl Unifier PM?


Because of the technologies we use, most of the data is already pre-processed so results come back within seconds.

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