NOC Automation (NOA)

Towards zero-touch automation in your network operations.

noc automation

Too many repetitive and manual tasks in your NOC?

25-40% of all tickets are self-clears, meaning time consumed solving them is not invested in value tasks like customer impacting incidences.

Need to make your network operations more manageable?

Need to make your network operations more manageable?

Thousands alarms per day, resulting from capacity upgrades, vendor swaps, new customer traffic patterns, new technologies roll-out, legacy technology shutdowns, existing network densification, spectrum re-farmings, or operational incidents make it difficult to operate a network.


Thousands of alarms arriving to NOC


Difficult to operate a network in constant change

Is your NOC working proactively?

Is your NOC working proactively?

With the right tools, NOC Engineers can focus on detecting chronic issues and solving them proactively. The impact of activities in the network can be minimized by detecting issues quickly.


Find the root cause of the issues to prevent them from re-occurring


Quickly identify trends of new issues

Is your NOC working proactively?

Is your NOC team struggling to meet their SLAs?

Traditional NOC structures cannot scale to meet the new network availability expectations from today's customers. High churn levels in engineering teams, constant effort to train new engineers in best practices, operational inefficiencies, legacy tools, etc, lead to missed SLAs


Network availability SLAs are getting more demanding


Traditional NOCs are not prepared to meet SLAs

NOA is the right approach for reaching zero-touch automation in your NOC

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What benefits will you get with NOA?


Triage Accuracy


Consistency level


Automated NOC Level 1


Less MTTR for Self-Clear tickets

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Benefits for NOC engineers

In NOC Level 1, experience extra fast and zero-touch response to tickets alarms (close loop operation). In NOC Level 2 & 3, get “ready-made” diagnostics and recommendations on tickets alarms generated on the network's FM systems (open loop operation).


Extra fast and zero-touch response to alarms tickets


"Ready-made" diagnostics and recommendation action on alarms tickets

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Use cases


No Trouble Found

Automatically resolve self-clear tickets so NOC Engineers can focus on resolving service impacting issues


Power-Related Issues

Detect and flag tickets that are power-related issues. Automate the power-related issues process


Transport Issues

Transport issues can trigger alarms from other network elements (i.e. RAN). Automatically resolve these tickets


Environmental Issues

Extreme weather can cause network equipment to trigger alarms. NOA can monitor this scenario and auto-resolve the ticket


Fast Detection and Execution

Site Reset is an expensive and repetitive manual task. Monitor all open tickets for reset candidates, execute the reset and validate the ticket resolution



Keep track of how many resets are taking place, what resets are successful and how long it takes to bring a site back up


Standardized Reporting

Consistent incidence documentation. FOPS will start to troubleshoot with trusted and consistent documentation about the problem



Automatically create detailed incidences in 3rd party vendors’ ticketing systems (i.e. transport vendors)


Repeat Offenders

Fixing underlying issues of site-specific problems


Anomaly Detection

Discovering, root causing and fixing underlying issues

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to the most common questions about NOC Automation.

How does NOC Automation work?


Tupl NOC Automation assists operations team to tackle workload, improving efficiency and effectiveness, quickly identifying & resolving network alarms and tickets.

Tupl NOC Automation uses all relevant Network data to triage the problem and provides action recommendations to NOC and Field Operations engineers.

The solution can also deliver as Automatic actions, such as resets or work orders, and analytics reports.

How does Tupl SaaS work?


NOC Automation SaaS is delivered in cloud service (e.g. AWS, Azure, etc.) and can also be deployed on-premises, in your private cloud or data center.

It is easy and quick to get started, fit for a faster procurement process, with a functional solution in operation within 2-3 weeks.

Monthly subscription. No strings attached. Stop at any time.

What type of root causes does NOC Automation address?


One key design principle of the system is flexibility, so as long as the proper data sources are integrated, and enough training samples are provided, any root cause that is relevant to you can be addressed.

How accurate are the root cause analysis models?


It typically depends on a combination of targeted number of root causes, number of features required to model them and the number of available samples to train the system. Some of the models created by NOC Automation have reached over 90% accuracy.

We don't keep records of solved issues to use as training data. Is this an issue?


Not at all. NOC Automation leverages unsupervised clustering techniques to detect group issues with similar patterns and helps you analyze as many problems as required to train your model in the most efficient way.

My organization does not have data science skills. How steep is the learning curve for this solution?


No coding skills or database modeling are required, only general concepts from data science are advisable to make the most of the system. NOC Automation relies upon TuplOS, Tupl's AI engine, which is a set of utilities designed to synthesize and digitize the complex knowledge base from your engineers and free them to focus on putting their expertise to work.

Tupl can guide you through the process via a coaching and training program from our services team.

What other systems can work with NOC Automation?


NOC Automation is conceived to work in conjunction with other systems within your company, such as Ticketing, SON, CM, or Work Order management systems. Just as any engineer would do.

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