Network Advisor

FierceWireless Innovation Award Winner
TUPL’s latest award-winning product is coming out of stealth mode.
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How Network Advisor Works

Network Advisor is an AI-powered assistant for network engineers. The tool helps automate network optimization and troubleshooting tasks, among the most demanding, repetitive tasks performed by engineers daily.
 Thanks to a set of support utilities provided by the tool, network engineers can leverage complex machine learning techniques to build an autonomous system, and train it based on their expert decisions.

Tupl Network Advisor can be configured with multiple data types, including network performance, configuration, customer data, or even social media feeds.
 It is easy to use, but very powerful. Used for simple problem classifications as well as complex analytics that take engineers many hours to resolve. It is future-proof, easily re-trained when network environments or requirements evolve (IOT, network slicing, 5G…)

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