Automate 90% of your technical customer care process.

The world’s first Automatic Customer Complaint Resolution (ACCR) solution, built to serve your end-customers in a faster, reliable, and more consistent way.

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How Automatic Customer Complaint Resolution (ACCR) works

By integrating with network and subscriber performance data, our platform can reduce your network engineers' workload and help your support team quickly identify & resolve end-customer issues.
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Benefits of integrating Tupl to your network

  • Respond to customers 10x faster
  • Reduce your engineers' workload by 25%
  • Reduce churn with improved customer relationships

How We Fit

Once a customer complaint is created our system gathers all the relevant data regarding the customer at the time of the complaint, including customer performance and the performance of the visited sites.

The solution automatically identifies the type of problem suffered, and correlates multiple information bits to find potential issues affecting the customer.

A most probable root cause is identified, and the complaint process is resolved automatically providing detailed information back to Care and Engineering teams. In case the complaint requires engineering work it is escalated to the appropriate team.

Automatic Customer Complaint Resolution (ACCR)

Equip your customer care team with a system that automatically identifies complex customer issues and recommends steps to resolution.

Closed-loop Automation

The average network operator runs through 300,000 customer tickets per year. With Tupl you can process 80% of those tickets without increasing your engineers’ workload.

Automated Health Index

360 degree view of customer and network performance at the time of the issue. Automated identification of relevant issues including Subscriber, Coverage, Device, Node Performance and Alarms.

Management Dashboard

As customer issues are recorded in both time and location domains over your whole network, our ACCR Reporting Dashboard helps your team identify underlying trends and provides key issue analysis.

Frequently Asked QuestionsCustomer Care Automation

  • How accurate is your prescriptive analytics and closed loop automation?

    The more relevant data sources are used, the higher the accuracy. Our algorithms, verified by our customers' engineers, have reached over 90% accuracy.

  • How about project complexity?

    Most of the project time is typically spent in arranging the access from various sources. The integration and validation of the functionality takes only between one and two months. Not your typical telecom timelines...

  • Will ACCR work with subset of the feeds?

    Yes. In fact, algorithms are designed so that we can use what is available, and additional data sources “just” increase the granularity of the prescriptive analytics automation. Some data sources are mandatory for obvious reasons, such as: tickets, KPIs, topology data.

  • What type of customer issues is ACCR addressing?

    ACCR is directly handling technical customer complaints, mainly related to engineering localized issues, which could be related to e.g. the network (e.g. faults, congestion), the location (e.g. coverage) or the handset equipment.

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