Tupl and Softbank working together on Intelligent Process Automation

BELLEVUE, Washington – April 23, 2019 – Tupl, a market leader in intelligent process automation, is continuing to grow its partnership with Softbank on their digital transformation initiatives. Be it Tupl’s Network Advisor, or AI Engine for Softbank’s innovative IoT Parking Sharing service, Tupl has been and continues to be a key element in bringing AI based automation and ML predictions to Softbank Mobile. By automating complex engineering tasks, Tupl is helping Softbank boost operational efficiency and free up valuable staff talent for greater innovation and creative work.

The promise of 5G technologies can only be realized with more comprehensive implementation of AI and Machine Learning in the highly complex environments of mobile telecom networks. Tupl’s suite of AI and ML products enable carriers to take measurable steps in readying their networks for the demands of 5G and IoT management.

Read about Softbank and Tupl in the April 2019 issues of Gigabit Magazine and Business Chief Asia.

About Tupl

Founded in 2014 by telecom, big data and AI veterans, Tupl is a pioneer in digital transformation in the telecom industry through AI powered automation of network operations. Its AI Engine, TuplOS, utilizes machine learning and several other utilities to enable faster innovation cycles for network and customer care operations with wireless operators across the US, Japan, Mexico, and Europe. Tupl is headquartered in the US in Bellevue, Washington with presence in Spain, Mexico and Japan, and is continuing its rapid global expansion in 2019. To learn more about Tupl and request a demo, visit www.tupl.com.


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