And the Nominees Are…

Recently in the Silicon Valley, after evaluating over 200 start-ups, a group of 30 global telecom operators nominated Tupl for their prestigious “Edison Award for Most Innovative Start-up.”

The Telecom Council does important work in bringing industry’s top influencers under the same roof, exchanging the latest developments and bridging the gap between innovative start-ups, larger manufacturers, investors and of course, the mega operators of the world.

Kudos to the Telecom Council, and we humbly (and proudly) accept the nomination as the only start-up in our space bringing network operations into the new digital era!

Key details on our nomination:

“Only promising companies and technologies are invited to present to the Telecom Council, and among these, some young companies stand out for their innovation and quantifiable interest among the Council’s 30+ global Service Providers including BT, China Mobile, DoCoMo, Orange, Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica, Telecom Italia, SoftBank, Swisscom, Verizon, Telia, Vodafone and many other fixed and wireless operators from Europe, Asia, North and South America.

Tupl is a nominee to the prestigious Edison Award for Most Innovate Start-up.

Some ideas are so unusual they surprise you, but it’s a small minority of these that are also likely to succeed. With this award, we recognize the start-up that brings the most innovative ideas, but also the ability to successfully bring that idea to market.

Big Switch Networks – NFV, SDN, hyper scale networking
Pavilion Data Systems – storage, memory, networking
Peel – digital entertainment, discovery, TV, video, remote control, software
Phluido – software-defined radio, radio-as-a-service, virtualization, SDN, IP, fronthaul
Tupl – Data, Analytics, OSS, Network, Operations

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