Tupl @ IBM | Spark Signature Moment

Yesterday, at a spectacular event held at the Galvanized offices in Downtown San Francisco, IBM announced they will invest $300 million to promote and develop Spark, a modern and powerful framework for Big Data computation.

Tupl was selected by IBM as one of the high-tech start-ups that have successfully adopted Spark to effectively address a business need. We showcased our Automatic Network Troubleshooting use case, and delivered a Lightning Talk explaining our Journey towards adopting Spark as one of the key components of our TuplOS framework – a decision that is being proven right as we see more and more adoption from major companies such as eBay, Yahoo, Amazon and Netflix.

There is a growing realization within the tech community that tools such as Hadoop, and in this case Spark, don’t solve any problem by themselves. Data without knowledge is useless – the key to success is the combination of very specialized knowledge in one space, together with the adoption of the right technology choices. This is what Tupl is about.

Check the event repercussion from major business/tech media: WSJ, Forbes, NYTimes, TechCrunch, …
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