Track your key network data all in one place.

Say goodbye to siloed data. Collect, manage and visualize performance, call records, and internal databases.

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How Tupl Unifier Works

The Tupl Unifier brings all of your data into an interactive dashboard for nationwide, regional, and cluster-level visibility so you can measure the health of your network.
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Benefits of integrating Tupl to your network

  • Save up to 50% of investigation time with immediate access to all data
  • Collect data from 6+ data sources into one clear unified view
  • Get automatic notifications when there are anomalies in your data

How We Fit

Network and customer performance data is collected from multiple sources and stored in way that fast, cross-correlated analysis can be performed between disparate data sources.

Collected data is made available to other applications and the main solution dashboard to facilitate detailed engineering analysis.

Data is visualized into main categories with drill-down capabilities, including maps with geographical data and events, network performance, alarm details and analysis of customer experience.

Tupl Unifier

Drastically reduce time spent accessing multiple data solutions by switching to the Tupl Unifier. Quickly view your customer activity and key network insights.

Visualization Dashboard

The key information in an online dashboard, with user selectable views, including Big Data smarts.

Anomaly Detection

Tupl Smart Alerts have two possible triggers; static alerts, and machine learning based anomaly detection.

Tupl KPI Editor

Design your own KPIs in just few seconds.

Frequently Asked QuestionsTupl Unifier

  • Is 50% time savings really correct?

    Significant amount of time in engineering is spent on accessing the various tools needed to do proper investigation, even 80% is not unheard of. TuplOS processes all information continously, and all panes of Tupl Unifier are always up-to-date. 30%-80% of time spent on access & upload turns into 0% with Unifier.

  • I have been frustrated with other tools on how long it takes when you make any data query. How is it with Tupl Unifier?

    Because of the technologies we use, most of the data is already pre-processed, and results of the queries come back within seconds.

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