Automate your Network Operations

Day to day network performance and troubleshooting tasks are time consuming. Tupl helps your engineers by automating manual processes and directs their efforts to the most critical areas.

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How Network Operations Automation Works

Tupl Network Operations Automation software analyzes changes in the network and provides comprehensive reports that minimize work for network engineers.

Benefits of integrating Tupl to your network

  • Faster, more consistent, and higher quality reporting
  • Save by solving more with fewer engineers
  • Speed up your technology adoption cycles

How We Fit

Multiple data sources are continously analyzed, including network performance data, configuration changes, user call records, handset databases, etc.

The system correlates network modification history with changes in network or user performance. Special situations are automatically detected and considered in the analysis, such as seasonality changes or node outages.

A shareable, comprehensive report is produced that summarizes the most relevant findings, including detected special situations. Drill down options are made available for further detailed investigation.

Impact Analyzer

Help your network engineers quickly power through thousands of monthly performance inquiries with our automated smart analytics and customer-centric view of the network performance issues.

Detection of KPI changes

Once an area is selected for analysis, and key observation milestones have been configured, our software will help determine what aspects of the network performance had a significant improvement or degradation. Both network and user level KPIs are analyzed for a full end-to-end analysis.

Top Sector Detailed Analysis

Our software automatically detects top offenders and improvers, and provides analysis on how your KPIs change over time. Anomalies affecting the sector are also detected, such as configuration changes or alarms.

Automated Reporting

Tupl’s sofware can be scheduled to compile reports periodically, which will be ready by the time the engineers arrive to work. These reports include comprehensive information that can be shared with management or with third party vendors involved in a technology trial or deployment activity.

Frequently Asked QuestionsNetwork Operations Automation

  • Is this a Performance Management Tool?

    Although Impact Analyzer includes Performance Management solutions, it goes well beyond that to perform automatic, in-depth analytics of changes and their possible root causes. The analysis is performed end-to-end, to capture possible problems arising at user level that may not be noticed with network KPIs.

  • What are the main uses of the Impact Analyzer?

    Impact Analzyer is an effective tool for any situation where there is a need to monitor and assess an event in the network; trial, technology upgrade, and even vendor swaps. IA provides fast and detailed before/after automatic analytics that highlights the problem areas, avoiding long troubleshooting cycles and finger-pointing between vendors.

  • Does it also consider handset issues?

    Thanks to the multi-dimensional analysis run by Impact Analyzer, when using subscriber-centric information, the Tupl solution is able to detect problem pattern associated to specific Handset Devices related to the Network Change (e.g. RAN vendor swap, Network Configuration parameter changes, etc.)

  • What happens when an anomaly is detected?

    Tupl Impact Analyzer triggers an alert towards Network Engineering, presenting the comprehensive reports and analysis corresponding to the anomaly for its immediate action.

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